Gracie is Digby Leigh & Company's youngest team member at just 9 years old. Interestingly, due to the bizarre concept of 'dog years' she is also one of the oldest team members at the same time.

Gracie primarily practices in the area of greeter and splits her time around the office between lying in various doorways, pawing at meeting room windows and cruising the office for head pats and treats.

She feels that her quiet yet friendly demeanor makes her very well suited to her role as Chief Wellness Officer. Clients often remark at Gracie's ability to say so much while saying nothing at all. If you see her around the office she would love the opportunity to say hi.



In her spare time Gracie likes walks/swims at Ambleside beach, organic treats and a healthy dose of personal space. She is particularly fond of playing with dogs smaller than her but will make the odd exception for particularly timid larger puppies.

Gracie is also passionate about social media. She invites you to checkout her favourite IG feed here.