Moving Party

Not often are 'moving' and 'party' used in the same least not in a way that is warranted but on March 14th we set out to put the party back in moving party. After a mad dash to the finish line of our new office build out all that remained to do was move the last of our filings and a few other miscellaneous items into our new space. In typical DL&C fashion we figured we'd roll up our sleeves as a team and knock it out with a bit (read: a lot) of help from our families, neighbours and even a couple of clients! So that pretty much sums up the moving part. The party entailed breaking in our new beer tap and eating tacos...lots of tacos.

Our good friend and client Scott, owner of Raglans, rolled up to the village with his food truck fuelling us busy movers with an endless supply of lobster, chicken and veggie tacos...yum! 

Again, a big thanks to everyone who stopped by to lend a hand with our move!