In addition to our primary practice areas in the Business and Personal categories, we also provide the following legal services:



  • Petitioning debtors into bankruptcy

  • Pre-bankruptcy advice for debtors

  • Advising Trustees in Bankruptcy

Corporate Reorganization

  • Advising debtors in relation to proposals under CCAA & BIA

  • Advising Trustees and monitors

  • Advising Creditors on the implications of CCAA & BIA proceedings

  • Advising Creditors & Debtors on soft receiverships and forbearance agreements


  • Appointment of receivers or receiver-managers

  • PPSA enforcement proceedings

  • Voluntary foreclosures

  • Advising receivers


  • Enforcement of real property (residential or commercial) security

  • Foreclosure sales, including acting for prospective purchases

  • Appointment of receiver of rents


  • Obtaining judgement

  • Garnishing orders

  • Seizing assets

  • Examinations in aid of execution

  • Fraudulent preferences and conveyances